Monday, February 27, 2006

For Mom (...and Dad, I guess!) and the Family

It has been a weekend of gatherings. I'm guessing it will take ONE MILLION trips to the gym to combat the eating that has been happening here in the South. Sunday night we celebrated with Di again and the Bradley's. It was misery the rest of the night to lead me directly into this morning when Anne came by with pizza and cake for lunch.

Tonight, We went to Ruby Tuesday's because I felt the need for salad...Yes, something green, please! Of course, Sam made fun of me!

There was the infamous "carrot cake" that I get every year...

I loved this picture of Josiah looking "reflective". He actually posed for it, which cracks me up!

I had wanted an ipod (I'll explain what that is to you later) so I can store all my music for when I run, but I got the next best thing for now...Sam picked it out. He said he knew I would like it because it was "purple with flowers on it"! It should bring on some interesting conversations at the gym!

There's a party planned on Thursday night with my girlfriends and I'll try to post some pics for you. They are taking me "out on the town" so hopefully we'll have some fun pictures. I'll try to be careful...I know how disappointed you were that I went to a movie!! (I'm kidding, Mom!)

Thanks everyone for your calls today. I saved them all and I miss everyone very much. (The message from little Donovan was a killer! *sigh*)

Hey, I'm 32 so that makes the rest of you OLD!!!


  1. Hey Char! Happy Birthday!

  2. great post. Looks like you have had a great birthday week so far, even without us around!! Love you.


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