Tuesday, February 7, 2006

"True Brotherly Love"

(By the Mom)

I thought this was so sweet!

Samuel and Josiah beat me downstairs this morning and I was so touched by what I found a few minutes later after I came into our living room.

Josiah had gone to bed with a cold last and so Sam decided that he deserved a little "TLC" to start the day off...

Samuel had prepared the couch just the way JoJo would like it with all of his favorite things. New favorite book, favorite cars, favorite cats, favorite pillow, bowl of favorite cereal, favorite cartoon on the tv, and of course, all the best blankets in the house!

The funny thing is, I was just thinking yesterday that while I am SO (and can I stress SOOOO) glad that no one has gotten very sick this winter yet, I am a little sad because I haven't gotten to spoil a sick person for a long time. It's one of my favorite duties as the Mom. (...Or wife, or friend, or neighbor, or for just your basic stranger. I clearly don't want to CATCH your sickeness but I love to to take care of those in need!)

So, while I'm thrilled to see that Sam got the "caregiver" gene...

I'm a little jealous, too!


  1. Are you sure it is not Samuel who is sick?

  2. Charity,
    we have played "pass the cold" around here for weeks, I could ship a few to you and you and Sam could take care of them for me!

  3. All I know is that when I am sick, I get to reap the benefits!

    And Sandy...

    Keep the extras up there. No more needed down here thank you... :)


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