Saturday, January 13, 2007


I want to blog again, I really do, but I can't seem to get a post out. I sit down, I have good material, I start off well, but then... I fizzle out.

I have several posts that I have started and not finished. I have saved all of them, and hopefully I will eventually post them. But I feel so blocked when I sit down to write.

I am hoping that by starting and finishing this very short post, I will get past my writer's block and be able to share some things with all of you.


  1. So glad that you've taken the first step in 'unblocking'.

    Just remember that not every post has to be a masterpiece. Just get it down and publish. :)

  2. Mr. H-less with writers block? I'm sure you'll come out of it. Just look at how long you've been blogging, most people who blogged when this first became popular haven't posted in a year or two.

  3. I am trying to unblock...

    My biggest problem right now is that I will sit down to write a post, and I will make it through the first few lines, then just get stumped.


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