Friday, January 19, 2007


I had a little excitement this morning. I was sitting in the teacher's lounge, minding my own business, and one of the assistant principals came in and asked me to help him out with something.

I went to his office and saw this kid, just sitting there with that look on his face. (You know, the look that says, "... they know!")

When I got in there the principal tells me that he needs a witness to be present because he needs to do a drug search. "No problem." I say, and then we proceed.

I guess that the principal had received a tip from one of the other students that he might be carrying some today in order to sell. The principal told me later that Friday is selling day. I guess that all of the buyers are looking for some on Friday, to highlight their weekend.

It wasn't as exciting as it could have been though. There were no illegal substances found. Only an extra large bottle of Tums. (I suppose maybe he gets searched often, and this causes some nervousness?)

It got me thinking though, what would happen if we were randomly searched? I am not talking about having our belongings searched, but having our hearts searched. What if God showed up one day at your door and said, "I need you to empty out the contents of your heart." Then there you were with all of that junk that you had been storing away in your heart, laid bare, out in the open. Maybe he would have you lay it out on the kitchen table. What would He find? Would He be pleased? Would there be any "illegal substances" there?

Maybe you are ready for it. Maybe you echo the Psalmist, Search me O God... Know my heart. Try me. Prove me.

Maybe today you will be searched. You never know.


  1. You see? This is why we are glad that you are teaching again, now you have more time to blog.

  2. Yes, yes... I do have those random times to blog, plus I think that I have so much more material to blog about!

  3. Keep it up Matt, I definitely don't feel ready to empty my heart onto the table. It hasn't been very pretty the last few days. Thanks for the reminder.


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