Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Birthday Wishing

Just in case you were having trouble deciding what to do with that extra little bit of money that you have stored up, I thought that I would list just a couple of things that have struck my fancy lately.

Here is the first one, the one in the middle. Do you see that yellow ladder. I think that would look really nice in my garage. When you are doing home improvement, it always helps to have a ladder.

If you are swinging through a Wal-Mart, you might see this... think of me.

Ah. Number two idea.

I first saw one of these over at my brother-in-law's house. It was love at first sight. Some might say that I have plenty of toolboxes, but I still have more tools than tool boxes. This one is nice too because it can roll around the house.

What can I say, I was strolling around the store doing a little poor-man dreaming.

Now, this one just solidifies the poor-man title... the infamous 107 piece tool set. Most of the real men out there try to avoid these tool sets. They usually end up in some rich guy's house who has no idea how to use tools, but their kids decided that daddy needed some tools, or it is in the cabinet of a I-can-do-it-myself-without-the-help-of-some-man kind of lady.

I don't care though, this particular tool box comes in especially handy for a mover. I had one that was a little smaller than this one, but I lost it on my last day as a mover this summer. Very depressing.

This last one would come in extremely useful as I am becoming more and more known for my moving abilities. This strap set would look really nice hauling around things on the back of my Chevy Pickup Truck.

Well, just four ideas for you to consider. My birthday is coming up just around the corner (on the 27th in case you didn't know), and I was just doing some wishful thinking.

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