Sunday, August 26, 2007

The SC

I found this video on this blog and being from South Carolina and having spent some time as a teacher in the South Carolina educational system, I knew I had to share this with someone else.



  1. Its...just...SO watch...please tell me she didn't win!
    The US flags were lowered in Danville this weekend. I couldn't remember reading of any officials that had died (but knew that a local soldier had been killed) so I asked a drive up person (at Burger Chef) why their flag as the half way mark. Her response was that maybe her work place only "halfway liked America".
    It was all I could do not to ask her where she went to school and who her Civics teacher was (not to blame the teacher but to let the teacher). In the end, I asked the manager and it was for the local soldier.
    All that to say - it isn't just SC! :)

  2. Okay - so I reread my comment and realize that I needed to say "was at" instead of "as" the halfway mark. Then I went on to mistype "let the teacher..." I meant to say, let the teacher know!"
    Important lesson learned here - when trying to be critical - it is always best to reread one's comments so as to not look stupid oneself!
    Thank you Lord for humility! :P

  3. Well... I was going to be calling you to see if I could get some History teaching advice, but... well... Now I am not so sure.


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