Thursday, August 9, 2007

Two great philosophers on the wall...

Calvin and Hobbes.

We decided to update the boys' room, and I ambitiously volunteered myself to paint a mural on the wall. (Never done it before, though once I painted a billboard for $100.)

Here are a couple of pictures of the (almost) final version. I still need to do some shading on Hobbes' nose.


  1. Matt, we have some pretty awesome murals on the walls at the hospital, which someone was paid good money to do. Promise me you will take several pictures of the work and put together a portfolio. I know that you could make some extra money doing that, if you advertised yourself a little. Heck, next trip to Illinois, I would love to hire you to do something cool for P & P!

  2. Matt,

    That is a pretty cool mural! Nice job.

  3. Thanks both of you.

    Maybe I should begin my "portfolio" ...

  4. I just love Calvin & Hobbes, too!

  5. Yes, Calvin and Hobbes is by far the best comic ever written.


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