September 13, 2008


Today I am preparing for my "Life Ed" class.

I mentioned before that I am teaching a class at my church titled Counseling 101. I have done some prep for this class, but the last few weeks have been challenging to my time table. In fact, the other day my oldest son said, "Daddy, all you do is work. You get up and you work, you go to school and you work, you get home and you work, we go to sleep and you work... That's all you do!"

It was a sad commentary on my current state. Mostly because I was just feeling that way when he said it. I was thinking that it was all in my imagination, but I guess not.

So, anyway, I am putting the final touches on the notes for this class. The topics that I am covering this week are Building Involvement (Saying, I Care!), Gathering Data (Gathering the information you need), and Determining the Problem (Making sense of the data).  This will be the first time teaching through these particular topics, so that always adds the extra element of infamiliarity.  

I just keep trusting that God will see me through this.  That it will be His ideas and His thoughts.  I want there to be as little of ME as possible.  So, I pray that He will increase and I will decrease, even as I prepare the notes.

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