Saturday, October 4, 2008

New Piano

I never thought that I would be able to own a piano.  I just never thought that I could afford one.

Well, my lovely wife found an awesome deal on Craigslist and informed me on Wednesday that I would be driving to get a piano on Saturday.  I was a little nervous about trying to pick a piano up and set it in my truck.  I didn't have a trailer that I could borrow and I didn't have any people that I could haul with me to get this thing, but my wife said that we were going.

Sounded like a good opportunity for me to point out that this particular furniture mover had never been able to purchase any straps for his old truck.  There was no way I was hauling a piano in the back of my truck without it being securely strapped down.  The accounting committee in my house (also known as my lovely wife) granted permission for the strap purchase.

The piano moving bill passed, along with my little bit of pork barreling, (didn't know what that was until this week ) and so we all piled into the cab of the truck and took off this morning.  After a McDonald's stop, an air pressure in the tires stop, and a bathroom stop, we arrived!

There weren't any problems in the transit or the delivery, and (with a little help from my friend Lee) before I knew it, there was a lovely piano sitting in my living room.  Just another in the long list of things that God has blessed us with.

Sorry for the poor quality of picture, it was taken with my phone and the lighting was bad.  I just can't believe that we got it for $125!


  1. that is a sweet deal! Is it in tune?

  2. Unfortunately, it will need tuned.

    (I couldn't tell...)

  3. That is an amazing price. Are the little harmlesses taking piano lessons?

  4.'s in great tune! Only one key off.

  5. and soon there will be a new little Harmless to pound on it and make your ears go crazy. (sorry, I had litte babysittees yesterday, and that is what happened to my poor piano!)


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