October 31, 2008

Pay Off

We just paid our kids out of Halloween.

We were on our way home and we were dreading the Trick or Treating thing.  We have never really disliked it, but we just weren't in the mood.  (And I had a feeling that they weren't really in the mood either...)  So, we made them an offer.  My wife said, "How much would we have to give you to NOT go trick or treating?"

Youngest son (with no concept of money), "A Hundred Dollars!"

Oldest son, "Um... What exactly do you mean?"

Me, "Well, we aren't in the mood for trick or treating, what else could we do instead?  Understand though, if you really want to go trick or treating, just let me know.  I don't want you not to go if you are going to feel sad about something."

My wife, "How about a toy, a pizza and a movie?"

Both sons (spoken with excitement), "Yes!"

Me, "sold."

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