November 3, 2008

Add This...

You know all of those cool little links down at the bottom of the post? The ones that all of the really cool bloggers have? Well, I always wanted some of those, but it seemed like a lot of work.

You know, go to all of those sites and figure out where the html code is... Figure out if I need to upload the icons... Hang out with the cool blogs to determine which sites I need to link to... You don't want to leave the most helpful sites off of your list.

Then you run the risk of cluttering up your blog. A few little icons are fine, but if you have 20 little pictures down at the bottom of each post, it can be visually overwhelming.

Well, I found an alternative. It is a site called Add This. You can visit them at  They have done all of the leg-work for you.  Notice down at the bottom of this post the "add this" button.  

Click it.  Try it out.  See what it does.

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