Monday, November 17, 2008


In an earlier post I quoted Ronald Reagan.  Here is that quote again:

I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born.
~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980

I personally like that quote. I think that it really drives home an excellent point. That point, in my opinion, is that the perspective of these children is often dismissed.  To drive that point home, I had someone fulfill this by actually adding this comment to that post:

Non-sequitur. Everyone who is against abortion has already been born, too.
~anonymous commenter
"Non-Sequitur" is Latin for "it does not follow."  In other words, this anonymous commenter is trying to say that Reagan's statement did not follow logically.  Or that there is no absolute concrete evidence to support that statement.  The anonymous commenter, in an effort to support his criticism, then states that "everyone who is against abortion has already been born too. I would disagree with that statement.  I would say that there are those who are not yet born who would be against abortion.  This is, again, ignoring the perspective of the children.

To help validate this, what we would need would be someone who is an abortion survivor.  Someone who has survived, but had also grown up and could be a voice for those who do not survive.  I just saw this video over at True Grit's Blog, and thought that it fit in perfectly with this particular post.

One of my favorite things that she says in this video is a little after minute 7, when she says that she was laying on the table trying to survive.  Do you get what that implies?  "Trying to survive."  Right after that she says something about women's rights, but then she says, "What about my rights.?"

Normally it bothers me when people use the phrase, "What about my rights?"  But this is a case when it should be said.  Usually people say that in the midst of immaturity, and they are referring to small unnecessary items, but she is talking about life! 

This video is great!  My favorite part in this video is when she says something to the men.  She says something like, "You were made for greatness.  You were made to protect women and children."

To sum up:  In my house we celebrate the conception of a new child into our house.  We pray for that baby and talk about that baby.  When the baby doesn't survive, we mourn that loss of life, because that is exactly what it is... A loss of life.

If you are at all confused as to whether God sees an unborn child as a person, search the scriptures.  Consider Psalm 139.  Take in Jeremiah chapter 1.  Look in the gospels when it talks about the mother of Jesus and the mother of John when they meet for the first time.  Notice that it says that the "child" leapt in its mother's womb.  There are other scriptures as well, but I will pick this up again later.

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