Monday, February 9, 2009

- Official Announcement -

It's official. I announced today that I was moving home.

I was hoping to keep it from my students until after Spring Break, but I think that my sons spilled the secret.  My oldest told a couple of his friends, and I think that my youngest announced it to his whole class.  Oh well.  I guess that is what happens when your whole family works lives at the same place.

So, here is my sign.  We are trying the For Sale By Owner thing.  If it doesn't sell by a certain (unannounced) date, I am switching to a realtor.  I am hoping that it doesn't get to that, but we'll see.

Anyway, now that my students know, I can post it on my blog.  So, there you go.  If you didn't already know, I am moving back to my homeland.

If you want to move to the Upstate of South Carolina... 


  1. Maybe I should post a photo of the FOR SALE sign we have at the front of our house. :)

    We're hoping to sell very soon.

  2. I am willing to try anything to get the word out.


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