February 5, 2009


Several years ago I ditched Hotmail and never looked back. For every one message that I had, there were 250 spam messages. It was ridiculous.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love Gmail. I have no desire to ever leave Gmail. If you know anything about me in the real world, you know I love all things Google. Most things that they do, they do really well. Plus, I really like their style.

But, Hotmail has done some re-vamping of their stuff. I guess that, if I am going to get technical, I should call it Windows Live Hotmail, instead of just Hotmail. Not that it really matters to this post...

Anyway, I found a little something, that I am sure everybody already knows about, but I had no idea. It is called SkyDrive. Right now it has 25Gb of storage. I am sure that Google will have something to battle this in the near future, but right now, that is exactly what I need.


  1. To make it easier, you can also use Gladinet to map SkyDrive into Windows so it appears as a virtual folder so you can drag and drop files into SkyDrive.

  2. Gladinet? Never heard of it. I will have to check it out.

  3. Thanks! I didn't know about it! I'll take a look at Gladinet, too!


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