Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At least you have goals...

If you were a fly on the wall in my classroom yesterday, this is what you would have heard:

Me: "So, what happened to (student's name)?"

Student 1: "Oh, he dropped out."

Me: "Oh really, how do you know that, did he tell you?"

Student 2: "No. I saw him in the office filling out his paper work."

Me: "Paperwork?" *intrigued look on my face* "You mean there is paperwork for dropping out? I thought it was just 'dropping out.'"

Student 2: "No. There is this paperwork you need to fill out... your parents just sign it and you can drop out. You have to be 17."

Me: "Hmmm. Did not know that."

Student 2: "Oh yeah. I am planning on dropping out as soon as I turn 17. I am going to be emancipated and then drop out."


Me: "So, how many of you are planning on dropping out?"

More than half of the hands go up.

Student 1: (Who didn't have their hand raised.) "Well, at least you have goals."


  1. HAHAHAHAHA that is funny and sad at the same time..

  2. Wow. That must have been a revelation!

  3. Yeah, I couldn't tell if I was laughing or crying when I responded.

    I had a good talk with that group today.


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