September 22, 2009

See You At The Pole?

Every year at many different schools they have a time of prayer at the flagpole. This has become a national thing. Here is the website to read more about it.

I went to add this event onto my Google Calendar, and I typed in "See You At The Pole". I then went in to add the website, when I noticed that Google had automatically added a Where category because I had typed the word "at".

Notice the map that they put on there because it was "... at the pole".

I wonder if they pray around the pole in Poland?


  1. Hey Mr. Harmless. Its Zach :). We were actually just finishing organizing the See You at the Pole for this year. The 11th Grade is in charge of it this year. And cafeteria is going great! After you left I figured why should we stop serving? and now am pleased that everyone of the 9th-11th graders are showing up regularly to work on their assigned days. Thank you for laying the groundwork for that :). I only hope I can fill at least a little bit of your shoes

  2. That is awesome that you are keeping that up!

    ... but I only wear a size 10 shoe, so I wouldn't worry too much about trying to fill them. One of Luke's feet ought to do the job!


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