Friday, November 12, 2010

The Word of Grace on their Ears

"It is sad to think how many go away from sermons with the word of grace in their ears, but not the work of grace in their hearts."
~Matthew Henry, Matthew Henry's Commentary, pg. 1271


  1. Great quote. Having a prepared & open heart. Thanks. Reminds me of this story: Presbyterian minister Fred Rogers, creator
    and host of television's "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood,"
    once gave an address describing the time he
    was a student at Pittsburgh Theological
    Seminary and attended a different church
    each Sunday in order to hear a variety of preachers.

    One Sunday he was treated to "the most
    poorly crafted sermon (he) had ever heard."
    But when he turned to the friend who had
    accompanied him, he found her in tears.

    "It was exactly what I needed to hear," she
    told Rogers.

    "That's when I realized," he told his audience,
    "that the space between someone doing the
    best he or she can and someone in need is
    holy ground. The Holy Spirit had transformed
    that feeble sermon for her--and as it turned
    out, for me too."

  2. That is an awesome story. Thanks so much for sharing it.


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