Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Pastor...

I just read a good article titled, Dear Pastor, Do you groan when you think of me?  I found it via Tim Challies.  The first sentence of the article says this, "What does your pastor think about when he thinks about you?"

The article starts by addressing the low- or no- commitment Christians. (People who just won't commit themselves to a local church.)  This is an issue that is also weighing on my heart.  The author states,
If you attend a local church, but do not belong to a local church, then I appeal to you to determine if your current church is for you and, if so, then I appeal to you to fully commit to your church. One of the ways you can do this is by allowing them to care for you with joy.
For those who are committed he says,
Do you let your pastor care for you with joy? How do you know if he is full of joy or full of groans when he thinks about you? How about if you ask your spiritual authority how he thinks about you? This could provide you with a wonderful opportunity to serve your pastor. Imagine if your child, if you have children, came to you and asked a similar question. Imagine if your child’s desire was to bring joy to your life. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Your pastor would feel similarly if you sought to step up to that kind of personal responsibility.
These are issues that are weighing on my heart, so since there is more to the article I recommend reading the rest by clicking here.

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