Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post Number 1501

This is blog post number One Thousand Five Hundred One.

I didn't realize I had posted so many times to this blog.  I started this blog September 2003, which means I have blogged, somewhat consistently for 9 years.  I can't even believe that blogging has been around that long.  It still seems like such a new thing to me.

While I've been on this blog, I've lived in Indiana, South Carolina, and Illinois.

I've taught at Faith Baptist Christian School of Lafayette, IN, Shannon Forest Christian School in Greenville, SC, Mauldin High School in Mauldin, SC, Blue Ridge Christian Academy in Landrum, SC, and Georgetown Ridge Farm High School and Mary Miller Junior High in Georgetown, IL.

In addition to teaching, I've been a truck driver at three different moving companies.  I've traveled as far north as Connecticut and as far south as Miami.  I've also been a janitor and a pastor (which are surprisingly  similar) since I started blogging.  I've made good money, bad money and no money.

I've seen my children go from tiny to one of them being as tall as me.  We've encountered black widow spiders, scorpions, and poisonous snakes.  One of my children had an encounter with a small hatchet.  Shortly after that I had an encounter with a sharp piece of metal.

I've seen my wife suffer through the loss of two babies.

I've owned and sold hairless cats.  I had a dog and had to give up that dog.

I've lived in 7 different houses since I started this blog.  I've owned a few different vehicles and had to repair more than one of them.  I've blogged about replacing the fuel pump in the same vehicle on two different occasions.

This blog started at a time when my marriage was barely hanging on.  Since then, I've seen our marriage grow to a deeper depth of love and commitment than I knew existed when I typed my first post.

I had just turned 31 when I started blogging.  Now I am 40 years old and have high cholesterol.

If I was really an ambitious blogger, I would put links up for each of these stories.  But I am not an ambitious blogger, I just like to get on here when it crosses my mind or when I finish a book.

Two other bloggers that I started following from the very beginning and have kept up with since then are Rodney Olsen and Rick Boyne, both brothers in Christ.  I appreciate both of their blogs and always enjoy reading what is going on in their lives.

Well, there it is.  One Thousand Five Hundred One posts.


  1. I remember when the blogging craze hit faith. It seemed epic at the time. Then came facebook lol. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    1. I remember that as well. Unfortunately, I may have played a part in it.

      It looks like you are still blogging as well. I love keeping up with you. There are few things I love as much as seeing former students as true followers of Jesus Christ.

  2. Nice one Mr. Harmless.
    I'll see you, at three-thousand two.
    That had to be typed out because I didn't want you to read "three-thousand AND two" and mess up the rhythm.
    Actually since I'm already being so controlling, go ahead and read it again and put more emphasis on the "two"

    1. Ok. I am really trying to figure out which Rob this is. I have taught several.

      I emphasized the "two" so now you need to tell me who you are!

      (Also. I am a math teacher. If you would have put the "and" before the two, it would have implied the use of a decimal. That would have left me wondering..."is the 'two' a tenth or a hundredth or what?!?")


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