Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Lay Elders eJournal

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The new Nine Marks eJournal for November/December is covering the topic of Lay Elders.  I am looking forward to reading through this edition.  I always find their work to be both enlightening and encouraging.

I noticed that it was titled, "... part 1" so I am hoping for more on this topic.  As I looked through the table of contents, I didn't find anything about my situation exactly.  It is mostly geared toward elders in the church who are also holding down a full-time job.  That is me, but the journal isn't really dealing with Lay Elders who are the only Elder in their church.

It still sounds really interesting with articles titled:

  • A Job Description for Lay Elders
  • How Much Time Can a Lay Elder Give to Ministry?
  • Raising Up Elders: Three Areas to Address
  • Raising Up Elders: Four Foundational Principles
  • Four Ways to Equip New Elders
  • Besetting Sins of Lay Elders
  • How Pastor Mark Passes Out Authority
They have a printable pdf version available or a Kindle or epub version.  Click on through to download your copy today.

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