Thursday, October 24, 2013

Basic Christianity by John Stott - Book Review

Basic Christianity by John Stott has been an amazing book.

I have heard of John Stott. I have seen other others mention him and quote him from time to time.  I have even seen a few of his books, but until now, I had never had the opportunity to read (or to listen to in this case) anything from this author. I am so glad that I have finally had that opportunity. While listening to this book, with each successive chapter that I completed, he continued to move up my personal ranks of influential authors.

This book is exactly what the title suggests, it is all about Basic Christianity. But what I really loved is that the majority of the topics that this book covers would not have made it into my own book on basic Christianity... But here is the thing: After listening to Stott's explanations and reasons for each of his topics, I began to see how important each of these subjects are. If I had written a book on Basic Christianity, I would have thrown it away in favor of this book.

I mean, sure, we both would have talked about who Jesus is, but the angles that he uses to approach this person of Jesus was literally eye-opening.  I have found myself throughout the day contemplating different points that had been made and making mental notes on what I would need to revisit.

Bottom line... Jesus is an amazing figure who stands supreme in the scope of human history.  I understand that better now after having listened to this book.  I will definitely have to purchase a hard copy of this book.

To get this audio book, please visit Christian Audio whose reviewers program has made it possible for me to listen to so many great books!

...unless someone would like to gift it to me during "Pastor Appreciation Month" ?

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