Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Five Points by John Piper (Book Review)

I just finished reading Five Points: Toward a Deeper Experience of God's Grace by John Piper.  

This was a great little book. I highly recommend it for those who are interested in the "Five Points of Calvinism" but aren't sure where to start. This book lays out those five points in a way that is understandable.  Piper also uses a good logical flow to his presentation, not to shove these five points down anyone's throat, but ultimately because it is what he believes brings the greatest display to the glories of God's immeasurable grace. 

And that is what this is really about. Most that I've met that know a little bit about Calvinism, assume that a Calvinist is an arrogant know-it-all... and granted, there are some who have given us that reputation. But I can truly say, in my experience that the Calvinists that I've met and read have been the most humble of Bible Scholars, with each of them, in my opinion, approaching to the truths of God's Word, not with a desire to explain everything, but just to understand what has been written. I've seen them present scriptures with the greatest efforts to simply say what the scriptures say. This book is no different. 

I recommend this book, without hesitation, and encourage you to grab a copy from Amazon... or you can get a free digital copy from the Desiring God website

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