October 17, 2005

Day #3 - Alone

Alright, today I noticed a new I'm all alone behavior: I talk to nobody... out-loud!

That's right. I have caught myself talking out-loud to nobody. There I am, having a one-sided conversation with... the air. And it is one-sided. I am not actually answering myself, but I do occasionally answer nobody.

It sounds something like this:

me: I wonder what I should watch tonight


me: Yeah, that is what I was thinking, but I don't know if I want to stay up that late, I mean...


me: I know, I know, but I never get to bed early! I don't care how lame it sounds.


me: Sure, I guess I could watch that tomorrow, but what about...


me: That would work.


me: I'm hungry too, what should we have?

and so on...