October 7, 2005

I'm back from Windy Gap

Well, I survived another Windy Gap experience.

Some personal highlights:

1. Played on the Faculty Men's team against the Varsity, and only lost by one point.
2. Made a fool of myself again on stage, doing those teacher skits.
3. Drank a raw egg.
4. Ate some baby food.
5. Had another teacher crush an egg on my head.
6. Hooked kids up in the zip line, and I didn't have any of them fall to their death.
7. Helped organize the unloading of 4 charter buses in the rain.
8. Pulled a muscle in my leg.

And many other interesting developments.

I do love being a teacher, but sometimes I think that it would be really fun to work at a camp full-time. You would miss the opportunities to develop those long-term relationships with the kids, but man would it be lots of fun. I also think that it would be a great place to raise a family. But hey, that is just me.

Talk to you all later. (After I recover from these last couple of days.)



    Mr. Johns got a banana on his head during the week...and he got water all over him...it was funny.

    Baby food is naaaaaaaaaaasty. Yech.

    Rain + camp = very many wet childrens.

  2. I love doing this stuff. Sometimes I think that I should switch to being a "camp employee."

  3. ...even the drinking a raw egg part? O_o


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