October 20, 2005

Day #6 - Alone

Yes, I am still here, and I am still alive.

There is a cat that keeps coming to the house. It started coming a few weeks ago, and the boys loved it, especially Josiah. They were giving it food and letting it come into the house. They loved petting it and loving on it, probably because the only cat that we had ever owned before was Willow, who was a hairless cat. My boys just weren't used to these furry cats.

Well, since they have been away, I was thinking that the cat would get the picture, and stop swinging by to mooch off of us.

Unfortunately tonight when the cat came around to see if anyone was home, I caved in and gave it a little snack. A little bowl of milk and a bite of meatloaf. I just couldn't help it.

Darn Cat.


  1. is willow gone???

    that was quite a hairless kitty

  2. It is a long story actually, but in the short version...

    We couldn't find another hairless cat to breed her with down here, so we finally decided to leave her with my wife's parents for a time. Eventually they decided to buy her off of us.

    It was a little sad. I liked having a hairless cat, if for no other reason, because it was weird.


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