October 22, 2005

That City

At our church we have been going through the book of Hebrews. It has been very interesting, and I have learned a lot about the book. We are almost at the end now, and the book has several different thoughts that we are going to be covering. The verse that for tomorrow is:

"Here we have no lasting city, but we seek the city that is to come."

I am looking forward to this verse because this is a thought that I really love. I love this planet. I love my family just the way it is. I love both of my boys, with all of their perfections and imperfections alike. I love my wife and could ask for no other.


This city doesn't last. No matter how I build it up and no matter what kind of walls of protection I put up around it, it won't last. The sands of time wash over my city, and eventually it will be no more. And "...here we have no lasting city..."

So, along with all of my brothers and sisters in Christ, "...we seek the city that is to come." A city that will last.

Even if it isn't the same as this city, it will be good. (In the truest sense of the word good.) There will be king who is merciful and kind. It will be a place where love will reign supreme. And all glory will be given to the God who created us, loved us, watched us fall from glory, conceived of our redemption, promised it, and kept that promise by sending his own son to pay the penalty of our sin. It is the most amazing masterpiece of a story ever conceived, and it is real.

So, seek that city. Don't forget that Jesus has gone to prepare it for us 2,000 years ago, and he will come again. Whatever you do today, remember that the city that you are building here won't last. It is just a temporary dwelling until we are called to that city.


  1. Wow, I loved this post. I do think we have responsibities within this futile world but that doesn't mean this world is all there is. I love this post because a growing number of Christians don't even want to look at the "last days". Your post "encourages each other with these words". I was so encouraged by this post. Keep up the great work on your site. :) dh

  2. Thanks dh, It is always encouraging when someone comments on a post. I also appreciate your words.


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