February 17, 2004

Blogger Idol -- Week 5

"Picture This... " Hairless Cats

This one is a female. It is our favorite. (or was our favorite...)
It is a really nice color, and I am really hoping that it will sell as a breeder.

This one is a male. It was the runt of the group.
But it has really fought for its life, and now it is doing fine.
In fact, I think that being the runt has helped it.

This one is a male. I love its coloring with the blue eyes.
And I have to thank my brother and sister in law for the good pics.

This one is a male as well. It used to look a little
more like the one by the fire truck, but now
it seems like it has a little more of a gray tint to it.

We still own the other female,
but it has already sold.
So I don't have it pictured here.
Go to Yahoo Classifieds and type in
"Sphynx" if you want to inquire on purchasing
one of these fine specimens of the hairless catdom!

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