February 16, 2004

ooops again!

The irony of the oops poem...

I guess that I was supposed to read through and rank who I thought were the top 5 of the blogger idols. Oops, I didn't do that! I know that week 5 is out now, so I will try to do a better job next time.

The really weird thing, (especially if you actually know me) is that there were at least three other people that noticed my blog. I mean, I never thought that would happen!

Tim Samoff ranked me in his top 5. Thanks Tim! I have been reading his blog for awhile, and I really enjoy it. It is a really nice blog, definitely in a rank above mine! And I love his whole theme, and the look, and etc. etc. Of all of the top 5 blog lists in the world... It is really an honor to make it on his!

I was also noticed by Tim Miller (something about Tim's ??). I have never seen this blog before, Thanks Tim #2! I will try to check out your blog from time to time. I appreciate the encouragement.

And then there is Bryan McAnally with the blog: Clarity amidst Chaos who included me in his list.

Debi, from the Scriptorium, has added me to her top 5 list! I never thought that I could make it on even my own top 5, and here I am on Several People's top 5!

I feel so privileged!

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