February 6, 2004


"Faith in a person is like water in a bucket -- you find out how much is inside when you bump it. When circumstances bump you, you spill what you're full of."
- James MacDonald

Have you ever been bumped? You know, you are floating through life and then... Wham! something hits you. Sometimes it is simply hard times. Sometimes it is a true trial. There is also the possibility of a temptation.

I am always telling my Bible class that if you really want to know what kind of person you are, just ask yourself, "what do I do when I know I can get away with it?" or "What do I do when nobody is watching?" or "How do I react to adversity?" or "What is my reaction to hard times?" You see, anybody can act right when things are going good, or when there is high accountability. Even the most selfish people will do what is right when they don't like the consequences of doing wrong. (In reality, it is still selfishness when you only do right because of what you get out of it.)

So this week if you get bumped, look for what spills out. As James MacDonald said in his book,
"God doesn't test your faith so He can know how much is there -- He already knows. He tests your faith so that you can know how much is there and see it grow."

Lord, Change my Attitude, before its too late.
by James MacDonald

Check his book out. Very challenging.

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