August 16, 2004

teacher's log #4

Well, I just taught my last class of the day. The kids just left the room, so I thought that I would jot down a couple of thoughts.

First of all, kids are kids. That might seem like a simple thought, but it is very true! It doesn't matter where you go, they are all still kids.

During lunch I sat down with another teacher, who has been teaching for several years, and he said the same thing. In fact, he said that even over the passing of time, kids are still kids; the only thing that has really changed is the parents.

The next thing that I noticed is that my mind keeps wandering to my "Faith" kids. I know that they are at the highschool retreat right now, and I am really wishing that I was with them. Wishing that I was working on the next funny skit for tonight, wishing that I was setting up for the next set of "gross games," wishing I was finding out if they enjoyed their summer.

Even though I am not there, I have learned that there is nothing sweeter than to be where God wants you to be. Even though sometimes it doesn't "feel" that way, His way is always better.

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