August 12, 2004


This might sound trivial to most, but one thing that I am really going to enjoy about this new school that I am at is... NO TIES!

I know it sounds silly, but I hate wearing a tie. It constricts my breathing. It always gets in the way. It limits my wardrobe possibilities. (And as my faith students know, my tie always ends up twisted.)

I haven't had to wear a tie since the end of May, but today it all came crashing down. It was the open-house, and they asked us to dress nice. (Which is administrator lingo for "wear a tie!")

So I scrounged through my closet and found a tie. It was a little dusty, but I put it on never-the-less. And just for the record, all of my faith students, yes, it was blue!

I can't wait to get to heaven when all ties will be thrown back into the pit, from whence they came.

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