February 10, 2007

coffee coffee coffee

I would like to thank my sister for loaning me her 2 cup coffee maker. So many of those cup makers don't do a very good job, but this actually makes an excellent cup of coffee. Plus it has a timer, which I have never had before, so that I can have the coffee waiting for me when I get up. I am so thankful that she has 20 different coffee makers, so she can share one with me.

I would also like to thank Dave and Kim (members of our shepherding group) for stocking me up on Starbuck's coffee. Dave is currently employed there as he is looking for another job, but it has led to some employee discounted coffee gifts. So from one poor guy to another, I thank him for it.

The combination of these two charitable donations has made for some very enjoyable mornings for me. Since my wife still doesn't drink coffee in the morning, it is perfect for me, and my coffee friend is always waiting for me when I get up.

Thank You and Thank You.


  1. My favourite coffee morning is Saturday.

    I get up nice and early, ride 50 kilometres with a bunch of friends, then sit down with them at the local coffee shop for a magnificent cup of black coffee.

  2. I have tried to switch to black coffee, but I just like the creamed and sugared version so much better.

    I have to say though that I envy your bike riding prowess.


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