Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Well, Jo made it to five years old.

He is an amazingly sweet kid, that I wouldn't trade for any other five-year-old in the entire world.

I am sure that my wife will post some good birthday pictures, so I won't even attempt that. But since I don't go anywhere without my trusty Sony Ericsson camera and video phone... I thought that I would post a couple of videos of our time at Monkey Joe's (the place he picked to go for his birthday). The quality of the videos isn't that good, but really I am only posting these for the grandparents.

Here is the first one. This is Jo going through the obstacle course inflatable.

And here is one of the entire family going down the big slide.


  1. Donovan really enjoyed the viedo's but was sad he couldn't go with you there :-( Love and miss ya, Julie

  2. Yeah, it was so fun. Especially during the day when the only "big" kid was Sam. (oh, and me)


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