February 1, 2007

snow day

One of the great benefits of being a teacher is the wonderful snow day.

It is like an unexpected holiday! You usually start to hear about the potential the day before. There is usually a rumor going around the school, passing from student to student about some big snow storm that is going to be blowing through.

Most of the time it doesn't work out, but today it did. I laid in bed this morning, watching the news, hoping to see those words come scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

Now, a snow day here isn't quite the same as a snow day up north. Down here all you have to do is see a few flurries floating out of the sky and everything shuts down. And just wait and see the bread aisle at the grocery store. It is sure to be empty if there is any kind of wintery weather threat.

My friends up north would laugh at the snow days down here.

I have to admit that I did hear today that the snow was going to turn to ice this afternoon, and the ice storms down here are bad.

Anyway, here is a little video from my phone of our front yard, so you can see our pathetic covering of snow.


  1. Nashville was supposed to see some of that snow but no luck. My boys were so disappointed to have to go to school today. I have to admit I was getting my old sleds ready for action as well. Have fun!

  2. My favorite part of the video is you son in a short sleeve T-shirt. Don't go redneck on us!

  3. Oh, we're there.

    In fact, I am currently the owner of four vehicles, and one of them doesn't run.

  4. Wow, if I ever want to return to teaching, I ought to move south! You're right that I laughed when I saw that that constituted a snow day!! The snow doesn't even top the grass! I do understand the ice, however (with the assumption that you don't have the salt trucks that we've got). The snow? I wouldn't even bother shoveling my driveway for that!

    BTW, our temps are supposed to get into the double digits on Wednesday of next week. Until then...brrrr...

  5. Well, the day after our "snow day" it was in the 50's. pretty pathetic

  6. What do ya know?!? Our schools were shut down today! The sun shone brightly all day, barely a cloud in the sky.


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