June 4, 2009

Goodbye, old friend.

In just a few days I am going to be computerless. The laptop that I have been using for the last two years belongs to the school. I lugged that thing home every single school day. I have accomplished alot of work on it: tests have been typed, curriculum overviews have been written, grades have been entered, rubrics created, school calendars, teacher web pages, on and on...

In my spare time I have done a little blogging, twittering, and have even made my own website. But now it is all coming to an end. The computer must be returned to the school permanently and I must move on. It will be an emotional day for me.

Oh sure, I have an old-cracked-screen laptop and I have a couple of outdated computer towers that take 10 minutes to load the operating system, but I am going to miss this particular laptop. It has been good to me.

I would love to be able to go out and purchase a replacement, but lets face it... I am a school teacher. If you don't know anything else about school teachers, then know this: we don't make the big bucks! Sure, maybe after 30 years and 20 degrees and 200 workshops... maybe, but for now I am scraping by. (and I am OK with that.) Tack onto my occupation the fact that I am moving and trying to make some basic repairs on my house... yeah.

So, here is the question, is there anyone out there that would like to support a teacher by gifting them with a laptop? I want to start a "laptop for every teacher" program! Starting with me!

Ok. I am (mostly) joking. I just wanted to let you know why you might not hear from me as much this summer. But if you really did want to donate towards a laptop... Feel free to use that little paypal button on the left side of this blog!

Just kidding. Sorta. :)

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