October 12, 2009

Not One Iota

Yesterday's sermon came from Matthew 5:17-20. I have been impressed so much with the truth of the Gospel as I have gone through the Sermon on the Mount and this week hasn't been any different.  I did feel that this week's could have been a little controversial, but I haven't heard any negative reports yet.

If you would like to take a listen, you can find the audio of all of the Sermon on the Mount sermons by clicking here.  Feel free to give me your thoughts or opinions in the comments section.

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  1. Well, if this sermon is representative, I praise God that Edgewood is getting sound exposition of His word. It always depresses me to return to the church in which I was raised and hear the teaching there. Listening to this sermon was a wonderful contrast.

    I'll pray that you will remain faithful in your task, teach clearly and accurately, and be blessed even in this life to see fruit from the seeds you are sowing.

    -John I

  2. whoa..that was encouraging.

    I wanted to say that about Sunday's message but I was too busy contemplating my new tattoo!


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