October 12, 2009

A potential buy...

Here is the house that we are looking at:

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We are still doing a little research before we make an offer, but we are leaning in this direction. I am going to find out about the power bills today, and we are doing a little background research on the neighborhood.

It is a really cool house. There is one full bath and two half baths, three bedrooms, living room, dining room, sun room, attached garage, plus... the basement is basically like a one bedroom apartment, complete with kitchen... Then there is a finished attic with a spiral staircase in one of the bedrooms going up to the top. It is also a quirky, odd house. My wife, of course, loves it. I just struggle with the other stuff: What direction is the neighborhood going? Is it going to be a money pit? Can my wife take a walk and feel safe? etc.

Here is the listing.


  1. Is this on N. Logan north of the hospital? Some of those are beautiful but might take a lot of work, as old wiring, etc., could exist. I like the brick facade. Praying for you that the right house comes your way; maybe its this one.

  2. I won't NEED to walk because I will be tanning myself with Steph on the balcony outside my bedroom!

    And who cares about the neighborhood!! According to your past two sermons, I'm supposed to be a "light"...and get a tattoo!

    ALL homes in our price range are a money pit! Might as well be in a pit with a spiral staircase, right??

    No pressure, though. Whatever you decide will be fine. :)


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