October 30, 2009

Twitter Scam!

I just heard about a Twitter Scam.  I guess it comes via e-mail and sends you to a site that looks like Twitter... but it isn't.  You are asked to sign in, so when you do, this site obtains your username and password!

I took a screen shot of what it looks like. (Notice the URL.)

(click the image to see larger version)

If you didn't know this already, this is an example of phishing.  Here is a video on phishing from the site called Common Craft: (It is worth a watch!)

This is another reason why I am glad that I use Google Chrome.  When I tried to go to the site so I could get the screen shot, Chrome stopped me.  This is what i saw:

I learned about this particular scam through Free Technology for Teachers.


  1. Thanks for the heads-up on this scam. Much appreciated!

  2. Not a problem! I saw it somewhere else, and wanted to pass it along!


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