Wednesday, June 30, 2010

part 3 in the downright creepy saga

Here is a great post that I just read regarding the Twilight Saga. Tim Challies linked to it, describing it this way, "Mary Kassian interacts with the first two Twilight movies, suggesting what it is about them that has drawn in so many girls (and women)."

In the article, Mary Kassian also gives 7 Danger Signs of a bad relationship and shows these signs in the storyline Edward and Bella's relationship. If you click through to read the article, try to pick out your favorite of the danger signs. My personal favorite is "neediness and obsession". After she points out these two signs in Bella, she also mentions how Edward shows these signs. She then says, "Edward is also needy. He stalks Bella and watches her continually. He even sneaks into her room and watches her while she sleeps. He shows up in her head in visions and speaks to her. (In my opinion, it’s downright creepy.)" I agree, downright creepy.

Anyway, click on through and read this article.

In the meantime...

"Let's go eat some people!"

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