Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What is the Gospel?

What Is the Gospel? (9marks)I just finished reading another book on my summer reading list. This one was called, What is the Gospel? by Greg Gilbert. I heard about this book on several different blogs, had heard such good things about it that I mentally added it to my list. When an opportunity to purchase a few books came up, this one made it on that list.

This book falls right in line with my renewed love of the gospel message. Most of what I have been reading lately has lined up with that, whether I have done that purposely or not. Greg Gilbert, does a great job of lying out the elements of the gospel message, while helping his readers do the same thing. This book is about the message of the Cross of Christ and it would be a great book to buy in bulk and hand out to people who are interested in hearing about that message.

I have learned not to write long drawn out posts on this blog, but I do want to share at least one quote from the book. The one I chose isn't a quote that is in any way a summarizing quote on what this book is about, but it is a realistic quote as to the response we face when sharing this message.
"But really, we should just face it. The message of the cross is going to sound like nonsense to the people around us. It's going to make us Christians sound like fools, and it most certainly is going to undermine our attempts to "relate" to non-Christians and prove to them that we're just as cool and harmless as the next guy. Christians can always get the world to think they are cool -- right up to the moment they start talking about being saved by a crucified man. And that's where coolness evaporates, no matter how carefully you've cultivated it."
What is the Gospel? is a worthwhile read. If you have the extra cash, I absolutely recommend this purchase.


  1. That's ... nice... What does it have to do with my post?

  2. Hi Mr Harmless,

    the book sounds good but if you would like to get another (free) input on the question, check out my British website What Is The Gospel?

  3. I like the site Brian. You won me over with your Spurgeon, Mahaney, and Piper quotes!


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