June 22, 2010

Theology of Suffering

Because we've been going through the Book of James at church, that means we have been studying trials, tribulations, and suffering.  The relevance of this topic has increased since the beginning of our study, which I believe shows the providence of God in His direction to start studying James.

Though the topic of suffering has been tackled by many great men, I believe that the reality of the dilemma of suffering might best be understood through the eyes of Charlie Brown at the hand of the great theologian Charles Schulz.

Comic can be found at comics.com/peanuts/1967-09-17/

In the midst of suffering we can feel a little bit like good ol' Chuck can't we?  From the cry to heaven at the beginning to the looking both ways at the same time feeling in the next to last cell.  The truth is, our theology is important to our suffering.  Whether you are in the middle of a trial or you are in that lull between trials, seek ways to build your faith today.  You don't need to go to seminary to become a suffering theologian.

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