April 22, 2010


How Would Jesus Teach?

That is what I am wondering today.  If Jesus was a public school teacher, how would He teach?  How would He respond to students that don't want to learn?  What sort of reaction would He have to disrespect? ...to profanity?  ...to disobedience?  ...to cell phones in class?

He taught those who came to Him (Matt 5:1).  It wasn't a captive audience.  When He taught something that was hard, many would leave and stop being His students (John 6:60-66). Those who stayed and disagreed with Him were simply there to try to trip Him up.  When they couldn't frustrate His teachings, they simply plotted to kill Him.  When they finally carried out their plan; He did not fight back; He did not resist.  So, when I look at His life, it is hard to know what He would do, because the situation is so different.

The question then remains, "How would Jesus teach?"

Some days, I stray away from that question to a different question... Would Jesus Teach?

I know He was a teacher.  I know He was the Great Teacher!  But, would He teach at a public school?  Would He daily expound on truth, without ever giving THE Truth?  If you consider the gospels and look at His interactions with people, nearly every time you can read of how He expertly steers the conversation from some abstract to a personal confrontation with the Truth of the gospel.

I can't do that at school.  I am not allowed.  Living in constant suppression can be strenuous.

What do you think?  How Would Jesus Teach?  Would Jesus Teach?