April 27, 2010

Peter and the Star Catchers (review)

I love reading to my two boys.  I read to them nearly every night, when I have the chance.  I try to go the whole nine yards too, including different voices for each character.  Peter and the Starcatchers has been a great book to read to them.

It is the story behind the story of Peter Pan.  I know, I know, Peter Pan... But I am telling you it is a really good book!  It is written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, and they do an amazing job of breathing new life into these well known characters and letting us get to know a little more about them.  I mean, who hasn't wondered about Captain Hook's history?

It was fun going through the book as you see these different characters being revealed and the aspects of the traditional story begin falling into place.  I don't want to go into detail because I don't want to ruin the story for you.

If you enjoy reading to your kids, then I want to recommend this book.  My boys loved it and immediately upon its completion made me go to the Library to get book 2.

If you have any questions about this book, please feel free to e-mail me, I might be able to give you a little more detail.


  1. The Never Fairy4/30/2010 11:24 AM

    IT's a fun adventure, yes.
    But a prequel to Peter Pan, it is NOT.
    For one thing, Peter Pan already HAD a backstory - and this is not it. For another, there are SO many mistakes as compared to Barrie's original stories it's ridiculous. One has to wonder if Barry & Pearson ever read the real book. How can they have such disrespect for classic literature and a fellow author?

    There is a faithful Pan story... click here!


  2. I didn't know. I was enjoying these books so much. I will check out your link.


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