Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Needing Some Motivation!

I usually come back from Spring Break with my head in the game.  I am all set for the last several weeks of school.  I am trying to get everything done that I can get done, but not this time.  I am suffering from MDD (Motivation Deficit Disorder).

I am already suffering from ADD, with the occasional bout of OCD, but with this new onset of MDD I am just not sure what to do.

I think that I need an exquisite, thoughtful, meaning-filled quote to get through these next few weeks.  Anybody have any amazing quotes to inspire me on to teaching greatness?!?


  1. Don't know what this will help, but I heard it the other day and liked it.
    "A turtle makes no progress unless it sticks it's neck out."
    Slowly but surely.

  2. Not bad... Not Bad... I am feeling slightly motivated...

  3. Connie Thomas4/07/2010 5:24 PM

    Yikes! You can't be needing motivation!! I get my inspiration from your blog!!

    Well I guess it's time to give back! I read some where that:

    If you are complaining, you've already lost perspective. You need to get perspective. When you get the cross in the right perspective, everything else comes together.

    Thinking about this helps me keep the focus about what is important.

    I do love the stuff on your blog. I am a Harmless Thoughts goupee.
    I shared the carbon size video with Nicole!

    Run and faint not!!!!

  4. Connie Thomas!

    That's good. Good Motivation. Getting perspective instead of losing perspective.

    You should comment more often!


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