September 2, 2004


I love both of my sons equally. I don't want there to be any question about that. But more and more, around the house, Josiah is being referred to as "my child."

It isn't that my wife has decided to disown him or anything like that. It is just that there are certain Josiah-like characteristics that are also Matt-like characteristics.

For example, from birth, Josiah has been a very laid-back kid. Doesn't take much to entertain him. A couple of hotwheels, a marble, and a little dirt and he is set. I totally understand. My mom used to say the same thing about me. My third grade teacher even put in my report card that I could make an entire circus out of a couple of paperclips. Even now, give me some new little present, and I am lost for days.

Now I would also like to think that it is because we share such an excellent sense of humor. Those that know me best know that I love to have fun and be funny. But there aren't many things that I enjoy more than listening to (and watching) a good Josiah belly-laugh. I could be having the absolute worst day in the world and a couple of those gut-chuckles will cure it every time.

I have noticed though that he can be quite mischevious. When you step out of the room, and he doesn't know that he is being watched, you can catch him "swiping" toys from Sam. And I know that he doesn't actually want the toys; he just wants to watch Sam get mad. You can see it in his face as he does his wobbly-bouncy sprint with the toy, it is almost like he enjoys it when other people can't get a grip. Now I personally haven't ever done anything just to make someone mad... Well... OK, that's not entirely accurate.

One thing that I know annoys my wife is our attention span, or lack of it! To concentrate on anything for more that 3 seconds is nearly impossible. Especially at the end of the day: ADD in our house means Attention Depletion Disorder. Our attentions are no longer a defecit, they just don't exist!

Because of this, in many of our "little meetings" I end up sounding more like an auctioneer than a parent.

"now look at me Jo, look me in the eyes... why did... Jo, Jo, look at daddy, Jo, why did... Jo, eyes, now look at... Jo, why did you... Jo, eyes, Jo, eyes... SOLD!"

I love that Jodely-Bodely. I can't wait to get home to see him.

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