September 24, 2004

twenty seven

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and many more from Google

Mathematicians who were born or died on the 27th of...

I was born 8/27/72, my wife was born 2/27/74, I have 2 sisters and we are each 7 years apart, my social security number contains the number 27, but since this is the internet, I won't mention how it does, on 2/27/27 I will turn 54 1/2 (54 times 1/2 is 27), I started teaching when I turned 27 and at that first school the school's phone number was 447-2727 and I was extension #127.

I realized today that I have 27 desks in my room, and 27 posters on the walls, I have used 27% of my hotmail capacity, and 27% of my flickr picture uploads for the month.

The number 27 shows up all of the time, I probably see the number 27 at least 3 to 4 times a day. It is really weird, but since I am not superstitious then I don't really care... although, yesterday I was at the gas station getting my morning coffee and I noticed that on the counter there were numbered boxes of lottery tickets. Now for several days that box was empty, but today there was a roll of tickets in it. And I looked, and the next ticket up was #217! I tell you, if I would have had the money to buy it, I would have!

More 27's later!

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