September 20, 2004


I don't know what it is about a camera, but when one is in my room, I just can't "pretend" like it isn't there. I have to pose!

What kind of pose is this anyway? When would a math teacher ever need to display the board like this? It's ridiculous, I know.

I just wish that they would have added all of the pictures of me "helping" students with some questions, or looking intently at the ceiling whilst I thoughtfully stroke my goatee. One of those pictures would have been great, but instead I look like some alternate universe Vanna White displaying correct answers for the math class contestants.

In reality I am posting this picture because of the recent requests for a current picture of my hair. I know that most people who see this picture will think, "man, that isn't long!" But c'mon! It is long for me, so cut me some slack!

Take special note of the long sideburns... never had those before! My wife thinks I am going for the Elvis look. Uh-huh!

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