December 4, 2008

Coined Terms

I got an e-mail a little while back from a site called the Chapeau Blog Awards.  Never heard of it before, but I gave it a glance.

I didn't think much about it for a while, but then one day I got another e-mail inviting me to look at their BlogOh!Pedia page.  I really like the idea of a list of terms for bloggers.  It is fun to look at, as a blogger, so I couldn't help myself... I had to submit a couple of terms.  After a long time of searching through my vast knowledge of blogging (maybe 3 minutes), I came up with two terms.

Here are the two terms that I coined:

Blugh - That feeling that you get when you haven’t blogged in a couple of days and you are sitting in front of you computer with your hands on the keyboard… but nothing is happening.
(Obviously I coined this term because I experience this phenomenon all of the time.)

Conspirablog - A blog, with its small but devoted core group of readers, that is devoted to various conspiracy theories or “sightings”
(If you know me at all, you know that I actually have a conspirablog.  I just wish that I wouldn't have used the word "devoted" twice.  I feel like such an idiot!)

Anyway, I just went over there to get the right links for this post and noticed that they actually used one of my terms and said that it was one of their favorites!  The post where they mentioned me is called Over a Week Without A BlogOh!Pedia Post?  Alert the "Conspirablogs"!

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