December 1, 2008

diet - day 1

We just started a no (low) carb diet, so I thought that I would journal my way through it.  The last time I went on this diet, I lost 10 lbs in the first week.  And that is what I am shooting for.  I just want a jumpstart on my weight.  

Today was the first day, and it wasn't so bad.  Omlette for breakfast, salad for lunch, and leftover fajita meat for supper.  I love breads, so I am missing that, but barely.  Here is a picture of my lunch, just because of what my wife wrote on the plastic bag.  I thought that was hilarious.

The biggest challenge come for me at night.  Supper is over.  The kids are in bed.  I am winding down.  Then it hits:  the stomach starts calling me.  My nighttime savior is coffee.  Just a little cream and a packet of splenda curbs the appetite but I don't consume any carbs!


  1. I so need to be on this diet with you and Charity... but the holidays.... how will you find the will power?

  2. Oh... I am going to be done with this diet by the holidays!


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