December 2, 2008

Diet - Day 2

I made it through the second day of my diet.  Other than being hungry all of the time, I'm alright.  Breakfast was eggs and turkey bacon.  Lunch was a salad again.  Dinner was chili!  The chili tasted really good tonight, even though I didn't have any crackers.

Should I start posting weight loss?

Sure.  Since I forgot to weigh myself on Sunday, I will do a weigh-in tonight, and then do a follow up later this week.


  1. A weigh-in tonight? I always weigh-in in the morning. It gives a much better result. :)

  2. Are you doing something like South Beach?

  3. Are you guys doing something like South Beach?

  4. I couldn't find the scale last night, so I guess that I will have to weigh myself this morning.

    I guess it is south beach. It is no/low carbs, but it doesn't stay that way... which is good. I couldn't go without carbs permanently. I love them too much, and that just doesn't seem right.


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